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Rapid pain relief techniques that target the source of the pain for longer lasting or elimination of pain.

Chichesters premier pain relief clinic

Years of experience continually enhancing pain relief techniques

People everywhere are now able to benefit from the positive changes we can make to their health & wellbeing at our pain relief clinic. Therapies, products and workshops provide effective results with which to improve your lifestyle and career. Chichester’s premier pain relief clinic, a family run business with a track record for great results is ready to welcome you from the moment you arrive.

We provide flexible treatments via a range of therapies to suit all ailments and conditions. Friendly, professionally qualified staff within a relaxing purpose built environment dealing with the aches, pains and injuries of everyday life: what more could you possibly need?

We will ascertain the potential causes for your complaints and ill health, addressing them directly with a holistic approach. Very rarely is there just one cause for your ailments. Take a look at out testimonials to see how effective our results are!

Jenny Sapseid

senior scenar pain relief therapist

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what we can offer

We deliver a Variety of Pain Relief Techniques

back pain relief chichester

Back Pain Relief

We all experience back pain in one way or another. Whether it is from the aches & pains of everyday life or more serious injuries, we have seen them all. We specialise in effective treatment of Sciatica!

pain relief for all ages

Treatment for all ages

Age is no boundry to pain. We have clients as young as 6 months to our record breaking lady of 102 years young. We make our treatments flexible and adaptable to suit all conditions and all ages.

sports massage - injuries

Specialising in Sports injuries

Sports injuries from strains and sprains to more serious tears, pulled muscles and locked joints. Our techniques can even rapidly remove excess lactic acid after your sports event, marathon or daily jog.

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fresh start health

We are helping everyday normal people like you to achieve better health

From back pain, neck pain, and joint pain to allergies, injuries and a general feeling of unwellness – Fresh Start Health is here to make a difference to your life!

Our goal is to take every moment and use it to help our clients receive what they are looking for whether it be pain relief, healthier skin, stress reduction, a relaxing get-away or maintenance!

The team at Fresh Start Health have one main goal, to improve your health and wellbeing. To achieve this we undertake an array of different practices and therapies as well as extensive knowledge of nutrition, super foods & supplements. 99.9% of the time a clients condition or ailment is not caused or indeed improved with just one approach. By pulling on many areas of expertise we have the ability to make a difference!

stress and pain relief
scenar device for pain relief

enjoy the best treatments ever!

See why Fresh Start Health is so effective!


  • Brett Edyvane 2019

    I literally couldn’t sit, walk or move my head normally up until yesterday’s visit to Jenny at Fresh Start. I went for what I believed to be one issue and Jenny quickly discovered other issues all related, she then worked on me with the electrode device, gloves and a message and today I am almost pain free. Jenny went over and above for me, even sorting out a broken toe and my sciatica pain. The treatment works extremely well. I can literally feel the difference today and will be going back regularly.

  • Victoria Marie 2019

    Came in this morning with neck and back pain , Jenny was absolutely amazing very professional Had the sports massage and it was just what I needed I instantly felt pressure of my neck and back! I will defiantly be coming back! Thank you agian Jenny! Will defiantly be recommending to friends and family!

  • James Funnell 2020

    Hands down the best sports massage I've had! Kaylum was also very knowledgeable about health, nutrition and exercises that will help with an ongoing back problem (old slipped disc). Great value for money and would highly recommend if you want some effective pain relief!


  • Netty 2019

    What an amazing and most relaxing experience. Best massage for pain relief I've had in years. Highly recommend fresh start health. Definitely feels like a fresh start after my first treatment!

  • Tamsin T 2020

    Wow, amazing - the treatments recommended have been so effective. I have told everyone I know to try at least one of the them. Jenny is very knowledgeable and reassuringly aware of the finer points of each of her disciplines. The location of Fresh Start is perfect and I'm so glad they are local and providing such a wonderful service. Thank you and see you again soon!

  • Tania Fogden 2022

    Jenny has treated myself and my 10yr old son, husband, mother and various friends for pain relief. The results have been outstanding. My son has always wet the bed and is almost dry after her treatments, my mother has a clear head after years of depression, my husband and best friend no longer have back pain. I generally feel a lot lighter in life. I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny to treat anyone she is a bubbly outgoing character with everyone's best interest at heart and is highly competent in her job I would even say she has healing hands.

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in the Chichester area

Came in this morning with neck and back pain , Jenny was absolutely amazing, very professional. Had the sports massage and it was just what I needed I instantly felt pressure of my neck and back! I will defiantly be coming back! Thank you agian Jenny! Will defiantly be recommending to friends and family!

Kate Smith

Satisfied Customer

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